color field camera

The color field camera blends live video data with flickr images that match the color of the object in the center of the viewfinder. It combines a web cam and a 2.5" Color LCD screen in a vintage 1950s snapshot camera case.

Inspired by the Flickr Color Pickr and RGBy.

The Color Field Cam won "Best Flickr Hack" at the Yahoo! Open Hack Day on 10/01/2006. Thanks, Flickr team!

Images and demo videos from my blog: [1,2]

YouTube videos:

"An image is a sight wich as been recreated or reproduced." (John Berger, Ways of seeing) Cameras are space and time shifting devices. Their pictures recount a particular past moment at a particular location, as experienced by a particular person. The photographer has control over the subject and the framing of the image at the moment of capture - it is her perspective that is recorded. With the color field camera, framing remains a central activity, but you are giving other people control of your viewfinder. By showing other people's images that are related to your current field of view, the color field camera offers glimpses into remote spaces, images, and memories through the exploration of the color properties of local surroundings.

As Berger wrote, "Each image embodies a way of seeing." The Color Field Camera negotiates between your own way of seeing and that of others. The subject in the center of the camera's view remains in focus, but it is embedded into a larger field of alternate views.

Higher-quality files for the videos above: live demonstration video (Quicktime, H.264, 7mb),
detailed view of the LCD screen for this demo (Quicktime, H.264, 7mb).